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My writings on the crisis and its surroundings (in English)

Why free markets should not be blamed for the current recession – Economic Affairs (October 2010)

Fiscal and taxation issues on Spain – IREF Yearbook 2011

The fallacy of low taxes in Spain: A comparative study of taxation – IREF (February 2011)

And the Slump Goes On – The Freeman (February 2011) Emphasis on the US economy explaining different explanations of the Great Recession and its length

Free market is not to be blamed for the private debt bubble: the case of Spain – IREF (March 2011)

The Stagnant U.S. Economy: A Graphical Complement to Higgs’s Contributions – The Beacon blog (September 2011)

A few recommendations to Spain’s new leader – IREF (December 2011)

What needs to be done in Spain? – IEA blog (December 2011)

Spain Becomes One of Europe’s Highest Taxed Countries (with J. R. Rallo & Adrià Pérez) – Cato Institute (February 2012)

Spain is running out of time – IEA blog (April 2012)

The truth about Spanish austerity – Wall Street Journal (June 2012)

Israel and Spain: differences and similarities – Bizzone, a Hebrew University magazine (Mid-2012) It’s only published in Hebrew, but you can request the English version if interested.



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